ESP32 Dagor Controller 2.4-alpha

The Dagor Controller is a fully integrated tiny solution for brushless-based actuators with wireless capabilities.

ESP32 based brushless motor controller for robotics applications. The Dagor Brushless controller has an on-board magnetic encoder, a three-phase MOSFET driver, three MOSFET half-bridges, a temperature sensor and current sensing resistors.

This board is fully compatible with the SimpleFOClibrary

Specification Rating
Dimensions 44 x 44mm
Power source voltage 5-24V
Peak current up to 40A
Magnetic sensor resolution 14 bits
Temperature sensor range -10 ~ 120°C
Mass 12 g
Microcontroller 240MHz 32-bit ESP32
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  • Control modes

    Position, velocity and voltage.
  • Magnetic Sensor integrated

    14-bit sensor for absolute position feedback
  • Temperature Sensor

    Monitor the board’s temperature + Thermal shutdown
  • ESP32 Wireless capability

    Bluetooth and WIFI
  • Communication protocols

    ESP-NOW (wireless), UART
  • Available GPIOs

    Connect an external sensor/ encoder, control a cooling fan, Hall effect sensors
  • Indicator LEDs

    RED -> Faulty operation, Blue -> Battery connected, Yellow -> GPIO controlled
  • Power source voltage monitor

    Measuring the power supply voltage in real-time
  • BEWARE: Maximum continuous current depends on cooling

    The Maximum continuous current of the ESP32 Dagor Controller depends on the quality of heat-sinking and cooling. A small heat-sink or a cooling fan can have great impacts on the maximum continuous current the board can handle. The on-board temperature sensor is a great way to assure you don’t exceed the maximum operating temperature. Ask the community about it!
  • Shipping notice

    Dagor boards will be shipped by their creator David Gonzalez (@byDagor), from Mexico

Project examples

Ball and wheel control system


This is a project of designing and controlling the ball and wheel balance system based entirely on the Arduino SimpleFOClibrary and the Dagor Controller.

Five Bar Parallel Robot - Big J

Big J is a five bar parallel robot that uses direct drive brushless motors as actuators working with the Dagor Controller board.

Haptic Brushless Control - Telepresence Demo - Steer by wire(less)

Very cool example project showing off the Wireless capability of the ESP32 board and creating a virtual link in between two motor positions.


Dagor controller is a board created by David Gonzalez. It is a great open-source platform which is 100% compatible with SimpleFOClibrary. Here you can find links to the documentation, David's YouTube channel and Dagor's Hackaday project link.